Carmel High School Senior Volunteers Time to Help The Barrington Of Carmel Residents with Technology

Using a computer or even playing a game on your cell phone may seem easy to some people, but for seniors that’s not always the case. Enter 18-year-old Eric Postel, a senior at Carmel High School. He’s been volunteering at The Barrington of Carmel, an SQLC senior living community, for about five months. On a Sunday afternoon for about two hours every month, he helps the residents set up their printers, laptops, iPads and cell phones. He first realized he had a knack for helping seniors with technology when his family pitched in to buy his grandfather an iPad. It turned out, his grandfather had no idea how to use it. That’s when Postel started helping him and discovered that he loves to teach people, especially seniors. When The Barrington of Carmel called his school checking to see if any students could help, Postel immediately said yes.

“They’re one of the only generations who didn’t grow up with or work this technology in some way,” Postel said. “I’ve always loved computers, and I know a lot of people don’t understand how to use the devices. Technology is fascinating to me, especially the way it constantly evolves. That’s why I volunteer, so I can help people understand something that comes easy to me.”

Since January, Postel has helped around 30 residents. It’s usually a different crowd each Sunday, but he does have a few regulars who return, and he likes that. The main things they want to learn: how to store photos, download apps and find their missing passwords. This volunteer work has inspired Postel to continue this work in the future. Eventually he wants to start his own IT company to help anyone in need. After graduation, he plans to attend Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis to study computer science. He says that while in college he plans to continue volunteering at The Barrington of Carmel.

“I enjoy it so much,” Postel said. “It’s fun to make people happy. The best feeling is when someone gets it. You can tell because they have the biggest smiles on their faces. I always tell residents that it’s the will, not the skill, and these residents really do want to learn.”

The Barrington of Carmel is the only Masterpiece Living® community in Indiana. As part of its philosophy, the community embraces a wellness-minded attitude and encourages learning by focusing on an individual’s key development areas – physical, mental, social and spiritual. The community says Postel has made a difference in the residents’ lives.

“It is a joy to see the bond between Eric and the residents,” said Maryellen Keen, life enrichment director at The Barrington. “He is calm, patient and answers their questions. We are thankful he accepted the invitation to help with computer or phone issues that our residents may have. He’s truly a blessing to this community, and we look forward to having him here on future Sundays.”

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