A Quick Turn From Burn Athlete to Dad.

Ron, Burn Carmel Head Trainer, competes in the Athlete Games 500 hundred miles away just hours before his first child is born!

Ron 1Impressed by Ron’s commitment to his craft and fatherhood, we decided to reach out to Ron and share his story.

How long have you been a trainer and also a trainer at Burn Boot Camp?
I’ve been training at Burn Carmel for a year and a half now.

How did you become interested in being a trainer?
I was always in love with fitness from playing basketball in high school and club basketball in college. I fell in love with the process of becoming a stronger athlete with resistance training and cardio. I eventually got more interested in fitness by looking up different workout routines on YouTube, and I realized that I was passionate about it. I was deciding on a major in college and that’s when I decided I wanted to study exercise science and move on to be a trainer!

Please tell us what the Athlete Games are and how you got involved.
The Burn Athlete Games is an event hosted by Burn Boot Camp where trainers from all across Burn Nation come together in Charlotte, NC to compete in a strength and conditioning competition. I got involved when I saw other trainers were promoting the event on social media. I love fitness and definitely love some competition so I figured, why not? I thought it was a great opportunity to put our gym on the map while having fun at the same time!

What type of training did you do to prepare for the athlete games?
When we sign up for the event Burn lets us know what workouts we have to complete in the competition. The workouts are a good combination of strength and endurance. To prepare for the games, I worked a lot on my endurance with the exercises they gave us. The main key was to practice the exercises while already being fatigued.

Tell us about your experience in competing at the Athlete games?
The experience was amazing! I was surrounded by athletes and trainers who all share the same passion! The best part is picking everyone’s brains and trying to add more knowledge so I can deliver it to my gym members back home. I also got to realize that the other competitors there were just as nervous and that we all were representing great communities that were counting on us. It was interesting to view everyone’s perspective on how they prepared for the athlete games. Some did similar methods as I did and others did things completely different! The experience at the athlete games is definitely humbling and it motivates me to get better at my craft physically and mentally.

Will you compete again in the Athlete Games?
I will definitely compete again next year!

What did you learn about yourself?  How will this make you a better Burn Trainer?
I learned that if I do not set a limit on myself, then there’s no telling how far I can go. I learned that failure can be great as long as I respond to it the right way. I didn’t place as high as I wanted to place so I learned there are definitely some areas physically where I can continue to improve for next year! Failure is my motivation to get better physically and mentally.

I believe this will make me a better Burn Trainer because I can implement the lessons I’ve learned into my training. If I can show my members how to respond to failure, then I believe I can help change their lives for the better!

Ron 2When you were heading home from the games did you know your wife, Gabby, was in labor?  Tell us about those emotions and the emotions you felt when you daughter was born.
Yes, a few weeks before the competition the doctor scheduled to have our child that Monday morning. During the week of the competition I really didn’t want to leave without her. I was having doubts and was nervous that our baby might come earlier than expected. But she talked me out of it and told me she really wanted me to go compete.

Ron 3When Malani was born I was at first shocked at how quick it happened! I train a lot of moms at the gym and so many of them told us stories on how long their labors were so me and Gabby thought hers would be similar.

Once I finally got to hold my daughter my whole world changed. She’s so beautiful and it just felt like “she’s really here.” I can see me and Gabby’s looks both in her at once and it amazes me. I’m excited for our future!

20201103 081724Why should people join Burn Boot Camp?
People should join Burn Boot Camp because we are more than just a gym! We have a community that will cheer you on and help hold you accountable. Our trainers are some of the top trainers in the world and we push you past your limits. You will hear your name loud and clear every time you step into camp and you will be pushed to be a better version of yourself. Each day is a different workout so you won’t get the same routine over and over. Our trainers also help with 1 on 1 meetings to help with your goals and nutrition. Once you join Burn, you become a part of the family and it’s an experience like no other.





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